Course curriculum

    1. 1.0. Course Intro

    2. 1.1. Welcome Email

    3. 1.2. Course Presentation and Matt's Story

    4. 1.3. What's So Special About a Smartphone?

    5. 1.4. Exceptional Examples of Mobile Videomaking

    6. 1.5. Glossary

    1. DISCOUNTS: 2 Free Months of Artlist

    2. DISCOUNTS: 2 Free Months of Artgrid

    3. DISCOUNTS: 25% OFF Bradt Guides

    4. RESOURCES: Filmhub - Distribution 2.0

    5. DOWNLOADS: Video Release Form Template

    1. 3.0. Chapter Intro

    2. 3.1. Aspect Ratios and Resolution

    3. 3.2. Frames Per Second

    4. 3.3. Exposure

    5. 3.4. White Balance

    6. 3.5 Rules of Composition

    7. 3.6. Camera Angles

    8. 3.7. Camera Movements

    9. 3.8. Don't Forget Audio!

    1. 4.0. Chapter Intro

    2. 4.1. 6 Steps to Choosing the Right Smartphone

    3. 4.2. Zooming and Stabilisation

    4. 4.3. Our Top 10 Accessories

    5. 4.4. Our Top Smartphone Gimbal

    6. 4.5. Our Top Gimbal App

    7. 4.6. Smartphone Lenses

    8. 4.7 Smartphone Microphones

    9. 4.8. Smartphone Lights

    1. 5.1 The Aim of your Video

    2. 5.2. Writing a Shot List

    3. 5.3. The Rhythm of your Video

    4. 5.4. Handheld, Tripod or Gimbal

    5. 5.5. Filming Apps (Android + iOS)

    6. 5.6. Our Top 4 In-Camera Transitions

    7. 5.7. Our Top 6 Videomaking Tips

    8. 5.8. Our Top 5 Natural Lighting Tips

    9. 5.9. Data Management

    10. 5.10. Slow Motion, Timelapse and Hyperlapse

    11. 5.11. Music Licensing

    12. 5.12. How to Photograph Northern Lights

    13. 5.13. Our Top 5 Apps and Websites

    1. 6.0. Editing Chapter Intro

    2. 6.1. Our Top Editing App - Basics

    3. 6.1b. Our Top Editing App - Tips and Tricks

    4. 6.1c. Badass Penny Boards

    5. 6.2. Our Quickest Editing App

    6. 6.3 . Our Top 5 Editing Tips

    7. 6.4. Our Top Apps for Mobile Editing

About this course

  • 89 Lessons
  • 7 Hours of Content

Do you need this course?

This is the course you need if you want to produce effective video content and tell great travel stories!

Create budget-friendly, high-quality videos with your mobile device.
Understand the principles of filmmaking and storytelling.
Master the art of guerrilla videomaking, from nailing exposure to creative motion blur.
Boost your business, expand your social media, engage with your audience.
Get technical with in-depth product and software tutorials.
Learn to edit both on your smartphone and with a computer.
Study the marketing secrets that will drive your content to the top of the charts.

  • Do you want to learn videomaking theory and techniques and you want to discover the secrets of smartphone videomaking?

  • Do you need content to boost your reach on social media?

  • Would you like to communicate effectively to build customer loyalty and expand your network?

  • Do you want to learn how to edit your travel footage into powerful stories of adventure?

  • Do you want to capture the most special moments of your life and re-package them into priceless audio-visual memories?

  • Do you need to teach remotely and create online classes?

  • Do you want to do all this and more with a device which is right there in your pocket?

  • Do you want to make money with your smartphone?

  • Do you wish you could promote your business with eye-catching content without spending a fortune?

  • Are you a real estate owner or Airbnb user in need of effective promotional content to market your property?

You will be able to promote your business, document your travels and tell your stories in less than a day!

Our easy videomaking course isn’t just a series of tips, but an actual experience for our students. You’ll also gain access to a unique online community where you can share videos, give and receive feedback, and begin collaborations and experiences.

Meet your instructor


What do you get when you enroll?

With lifetime access you can take the course anywhere, with any device, at any time.
Our course has a clear and precise structure which allows you find all the info you need in no time.

No more watching long, incomprehensible YouTube tutorials, and no more searching endlessly for tips on obscure websites. From now, everything you need to know is just one click away.

  • Access to All Content for Life

    In an ever-changing world, you need an ever-changing course. Pay once. Stay updated forever. 😉

  • Filmmaking Essentials

    Before learning to jump hoops, you need to learn the basics. And here, we teach everything from A to Z.

  • The Right Gear

    Video lessons, gear tutorials, links, lists and categories so you can find the right gear for your video, whether you’re making a simple real estate video or a feature-length travel documenta

  • Cinematography

    The right movements, composition, tips, techniques and secrets to create videos that looks like a Hollywood blockbuster.

  • Editing and Sharing

    It ain’t much use if it’s sitting in your gallery. Learn how to edit your footage quickly and efficiently, both with your smartphone and with your computer.

  • Video Marketing

    Video production without marketing skills is like a movie theatre without a screen. A masterpiece is no use if no one's there to see it!

  • Downloadable Resourcesdownlo

    Get your folders in order, ‘cause you’re going to be doing some downloading: sound effects, LUTs, contract drafts, press and video release, and much more.

  • Online Community

    When you sign up, you gain access to a private Facebook community of mobile videomakers, eager to share work, ideas and feedback. Everyone needs a team to thrive, and today you’ve found yours. We’ve already created the biggest community of mobile videomakers in Italy. Now, you can be one of the first to join the soon-to-be biggest in the world.

  • Special Discounts

    At Travel Film School we work full-time to bring you unique discounts for gear, software and more. With these deals, the course will pay for itself!

Who we are

Meet the team of Travel Film School

Travel Film School is the first Italian online platform to offer online training for documentary work, travel filmmaking, video editing and sound design. It was first created by Ludovico de Maistre, producer and founder of Travel Media House, a documentary production company which has produced over 80 travel videos and documentaries in the past 5 years for brands and broadcasts. Today the school is made up of 14 courses, and more than 300 hours of content. Over 25,000 students have enrolled in the Italian version of our Mobile Videomaking course. Travel Film School has quickly become a benchmark in Italy for anyone wishing to learn everything about indie video production, video storytelling and video marketing.

Your Travel Film School teachers

Hey there!

I’ve been writing scripts, directing, editing and acting since my high school years.

The first couple of thriller-comedy short films I made back in 2010 were filmed with an iPod Touch, so it turns out I’ve been Mobile Videomaking all along.

Countless short films, two documentaries and one Film & TV Production degree later, in 2017 I won Best Short Documentary at Glocal Film Festival for my documentary on schizophrenic street artist “Cosimo”, now live on Amazon Prime Video.

After an internship as Assistant Editor at a documentary production company and a couple years of freelance work as Videomaker, I began working with Travel Media House, where I’ve been filmmaking, narrating a TV series and, recently, creating our brand new Mobile Videomaking course.

Some of the best choices I’ve made so far in my career have been taking time to improve my skills and joining a team of talented and awesome people (Travel Media House), and that’s exactly what you’ll be doing by enrolling in Mobile Videomaking, thanks to our intensive and constantly updated learning program, and thanks to our ever-growing Facebook community where you can share results, get feedback and begin solid collaborations.

Looking forward to seeing your results!

Matt Gorelli


Your Travel Film School teachers

Hey everyone! I was born in Turin in 1984, I am an indie producer and documentarist. I’ve been producing documentaries, travel videos and TV series for top brands, broadcasts and channels (RAI, Amazon, Canal+, Extreme Sports, Iveco, Piaggio, Dji, Lumix and many others) since 2009. In 2011 I founded Travel Media House, a documentary and branded content production company with a focus on travel stories and reportage. I’m the producer, co-author and co-director of the TV series “The World in Slow Motion”, which airs every Sunday on Kilimangiaro (Rai 3, Italy) and is distributed worldwide by Off the Fence, one of the most important distribution companies in the world. In 2018 I launched Travel Film School, an online teaching platform to share the procedure and secrets to become a documentarist and/or professional travel filmmaker.  I’m the producer of this course, hosted by my friend and colleague Matt Gorelli. I came up with the idea for this course so to teach our students to promote their business independently and through the simple and intuitive use of their smartphone.

Ludo de Maistre

Documentarist & Producer

Your Travel Film School teachers

Ciao, I was born in Paris in 1994, and grew up in the United States and in Italy. I started editing gameplay videos in middle school, and began filming and editing ski videos with my first camera in high school. Me and my friends were trying to imitate the many ski films and videos coming out in those years - good times! After high school, I decided to take a gap year, and that’s where my passion for travel began. That year I travelled to Hong Kong, Argentina and Australia, and I had my good old GoPro Hero 3 to document it all. Throughout university, I worked on various projects with friends like short films and music videos, but I found my true passion in travel videos, and I soon started working at Travel Media House. I’ve been working as a production and editing assistant ever since, collaborating with the talented crew here on incredible projects. I take care of the filming and research for our Mobile Videomaking course

Frank Quaglino

Video Editor & Filmmaker

This is the online course you need!

Everything you need to know to create promotional, travel, vlog, documentary, real estate, food, fitness videos with your smartphone

The only online course designed for small businesses and content creators that need to create professional looking videos with their compact camera or smartphone on a budget.